Developer documentation for designing an app for #GoogleTV

The next  launch of Google TV in Europe during 2012 has lead us to take  some hand on on google product

Google Tv main screen

The interface for GOOGLE TV 2.0 has quite improvements :

The app marketplace Google Play sharing mobile and Tv apps

Installing an app

Other tech topics:

Google TV Design Patterns

UX revisión and designing tips, interesting review bust pretty basic for experienced Tv production teams.

See more info at:

Google TV Multi-Screen Apps

Connected t Vis about multi screen apps and 2nd screen there are few expamples of these product in the actual GTV showcase

See more info at:

Monetization models ( GTV day guys  were not much into business )

Advertinisg: 100% revenue for developer, but no much info on CPM average prices wich format perform best, second screnn advertising challenges, if google provides a dedicated adserver for TV (like admob for tablers and mobile)

Ads formats

• Banner Ads

• Graphic Interstitials

• Video Interstitials

• Custom Search Ads for Apps

Billing  slipt revenue 70% producer 30% google

Options: in-app billing 8recomended for freemiun model

Subscription billing support coming soon

Developers info:

Andorid sdk:

Remote control guidelines:

lef navigation bar:

Sample Code:

How to contatc  with GTV dev community

Twitter:  @GoogleTVdev        tag: google-tv

Google Groups:



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