Here is my guess of video trends for 2012

Its just for fun and discussion my thougths for video and connected Tv as trends i will very much like to come true:

1-Growth of large live events streaming
live streaming will grow in scale and will arise innovation in player functionalities ( interactive widgets) DVR etc
2–video everywhere as HTML5 video
video embedded on HTML5 players will grow  toward multidevice playback and experiences, our favorite video will be shared across devices seamless

3-It has to be the year of DRM simplification 

4- Radio will bet on multimedia approach, Visualradio

Radio has a great multimedia power, mixing metadata plus radio studios and live events will compete for a visual experiences with web video

5-Advertising will adapt to user behavior on online video consumption
On demand interactive ads will gain momentum over static preroll, ad will be charge based in CPV cost per views not impressions, personalization of commercial experience.

6-Connected TV will show its potential in public spaces

Connected TV in conjunction of mobile devices will be used as display networks on public spaces synchronized with geolocated devices

7- User will demand a real second screen experiences

Not just  sync TV or enhanced TV, user will give their time for  a truly 2nd screen experiences

A truly second screen experience will be produced for online video and TV, and a new role will be created in TV production the second screen producer
8- Simple recommendation engines will lead the video discovery alongside new TV UX and interfaces

Not more search engines, not keyboards

9-Apple and Google wont show us anything new in Connected TV next year

Apple or Google will buy a new startup that show them how to approach future Tv

10-video is content only in consumers mind, before that consider technology and product

The idea behind this concept is if we consider video as technology and product content is a concept that should formed in user minds as they interact with the experience ( not merely video but interactive layers, on demand and live simultaneously, various live channels likewise personal (skype) and media channels) so the content quality will be consider at the degree of interaction with the visual experience



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